Visual Catch Presents Lost Image Desk

Pre-creative creative research

We curate and assemble unusual visual materials for designers and art directors in need of creative inspiration.

What is pre-creative creative research?

We specialize in rare, unique and esoteric content, once lost to the world, now resurfaced and brought back into creative circulation.

Our job is to bring our clients the most exciting visual stimuli to help define a project‘s visual story.

We don't help you find content for your campaign; we help you define your next campaign.

Who are we?

Lost Image Desk is a collaboration between Analisa Goodin, founder and chief curator at Visual Catch, and Eric Baker, an award-winning graphic designer with a knack for finding the best esoteric content in the deepest crevices of the internet.

Together, there is nothing they can‘t find.

What are they saying about us?

Rosanne Cash New York
Paula Scher Pentagram, New York
Chip Kidd, Knopf New York
Stephen Doyle Doyle Partners, New York
Maira Kalman New York
Bonnie Siegler 8 1/2, New York
Sharon Werner Werner Design Werks, Minneapolis
Seymour Chwast New York
Dana Arnett, VSA Partners Chicago
Emily Oberman, Pentagram New York
Kirk Reinholtz Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
Lost Image Desk gives me a serious jumpstart of inspiration every morning. I pore over the images Eric chooses and the strange narrative he creates with his daily chosen pictures. I have a file in my own photo library called 'Best of Eric Baker' and it is full of the most bizarre, the most beautiful, and the rarest images I've ever seen in my life. I throw my full, wholehearted support behind Lost Image Desk. Rosanne Cash New York
Every day, I look at the selection of ephemera sent to me by Lost Image Desk. There is not a day that goes by where I have not been inspired by something in the daily collection. Sometimes, when I'm lucky, there is some specific graphic that helps me at that very particular moment with something that I am in the process of designing. But everyday, there is fodder that I store in my computer and my brain… The collection enriches my work. I wholeheartedly endorse this new venture. Paula Scher Pentagram, New York
Someday I will forgive Eric Baker for the brilliance of his image selections. But not today. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either. Chip Kidd, Knopf New York
Like a pearl diver in the days of old, Eric Baker can hold his breath longer than anyone I know, and plumb the depths of imagery both powerful and perverse, emerging victorious with visual stimulation, inspiration and provocation. Perusing his treasure trove is so satisfying, you may find yourself reaching for a cigarette afterwards. Stephen Doyle Doyle Partners, New York
Every morning, I am eager to open my computer, drink a cup of coffee and look at the fantastic curation of the Lost Image Desk. There is always something fantastic, something funny, something beautiful and something that I want to do a painting of. In a time of visual bombardment, this is a very welcome visitor. Maira Kalman New York
Eric’s images have inspired me, blown my mind, made me think, and made me dream every day for years and years. I know i am a better designer because of what Lost Image Desk graciously shares with me. Bonnie Siegler 8 1/2, New York
Good Morning email blasts are in fact what makes my morning good! It’s not the first email I open in the morning, oh no, no, no! I open the pesky, daily grind, detailed emails, that require me to do something. AND then and only then as a reward for getting my chores done, I grab a cup of coffee and sit down quietly at my desk and open the Good Morning email. I laugh, I smile, and I often find a little nugget of an idea that inspires me to work just a bit harder or dig a bit deeper for the rest of the day. My own personal daily inspiration. Sharon Werner Werner Design Werks, Minneapolis
There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Eric’s images. Every installment makes my day as I drink my morning coffee. Both are indispensable. Seymour Chwast New York
All creatives, whatever their vocations or views, will find a wealth of content with Lost Image Desk that will stimulate thinking and inspire intentions. Its breadth and scope, the variety of subject matter explored, and the remarkable nature of originality provokes both thinking and emotion. As Eric and Analisa have proved throughout their careers, they will help us think more expansively about how we create and how we provide value for the clients we serve. Dana Arnett, VSA Partners Chicago
The images Eric Baker curates through the Lost Image Desk are amazing, beautiful, wondrous, fascinating, illuminating, exhilarating, dazzling, and unbelievably smart. I use them to inspire not just myself, but also my colleagues, and now, my clients. And it works, beautifully. Thank you Eric. Emily Oberman, Pentagram New York
I just wanted to say “Thanks!” for your daily emails. I usually open your email first thing in the day, and sometimes it's the only one I'll open. I find them great for opening my mind for the day's creative thinking. Not sure how they do that, but they sure do. So, Thanks! Kirk Reinholtz Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Lost Image Desk

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